The Count for the General Election for the Waterford Constituency will take place on Sunday 9th February 2020, from 9am at the hall in the Waterford Institute of Technology, Cork Road.

Take note that access to the count is by ticket only.

The Returning Officer is obliged to provide reasonable facilities for the Press and Media, in order that the public can be kept informed of the proceedings throughout the count.

There is huge interest by the Media and Press in attending the count.

The candidates wish to perform a tally during the count. Reasonable facilities must be made available to them to carry out this function.

There are restrictions on the number of people allowed to attend under Health and safety regulations and fire prevention regulations.

Given the structure required to carry out the count, this reduces seriously the space for people to attend. Given the numbers involved in the tally, and the Press / Media, it will not be possible to provide for members of the public who might wish to attend.

There will be live TV coverage all day from the count centre via the Waterford Institute of Technology website. The main broadcast companies will have live coverage, and interviews, as events unfold throughout the day.